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SEGA SATURN: the most misunderstood games console ever
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Aloha e komo mai to the web site of a new campaign: "Sega Saturn: the most misunderstood games console ever" . This campaign is to encourage SEGA to give thier unsuccessful Saturn console another chance. The Saturn is a 32 bit games console of which you may already know, is made by SEGA, a company were very successful with thier Master System and Mega Drive consoles. The Saturn was rivaled by a different console from a different company: The Playstation, made by a company named Sony. Somehow the Playstation managed to triumph over the Saturn, with many SEGA console followers switching from SEGA to sony. How foolish of those fools. The Saturn was quite a success, but it somehow lost popularity, and died in 1998. Damn you Sony!
SEGA did get back on thier feet with a new console in 1999: The Dreamcast. The Dreamcast was a huge success, although the popularity may not have been up to Playstation standards.
The sad day came on November 24th 2000: Sony started a successful Dreamcast death attempt with another console: The Playstation 2. It was so successful that not only were there not enough consoles to go round on launch day, but departure was due for the Dreamcast. To make matters worse, SEGA even decided not to make any more consoles and make games for consoles made by other companies. The Dreamcast was ceased in the middle of 2002.
The Playstation ohana is the biggest mistake made by any game company ever.
Please support this campaign to encourage SEGA to give the Saturn AND "doing their own consoles" another try.

July 31st 2005
Hi everybody!

Sorry about pulling the plug on this website.
Well, good news, it is back online!
New page available on this site: New SEGA console ideas
April 30th 2005
I am back from my vacation in America!
April 18th 2005
Sorry for not opening the Captain N kiNgdom as soon as I said I would, but I have been busy. If I find time today, I will type a campaign pamphlet and offer it for download
Oh yeah, I will be going to America (Florida) on vacation this week! I am leaving on Thursday and returning to my home in the UK on April 30th.
April 6th 2005
A "Help the campaign" page has been added, also, I have added a "Please help me rebuild my saturn games collection" page.
March 25th 2005
The "Saturn vs Playstation" page is up!
March 20th 2005
Sony have given the WORST customer service ever!
This is over a problem some people have suffered with sony's new PSP handheld games console.
Sony called the problem "not a mistake" :

March 12th 2005
Sorry I did not update yesterday. I have been a bit busy. Anyway, I will have one of my mates teaming up with me on this campaign! I will tell him about the campaign as soon as I can and me and he will work on the campaign as a team!
March 5th 2005
Sorry I'm late. Anyway, I have opened up a directory of online stores where you can buy Sega Saturn items!
February 27th 2005
This site is open! Not much is avalible right now, but I will add more stuff as time passes!

Next update: May 2005