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SEGA SATURN: the most misunderstood games console ever

Please help me rebuild my saturn game collection!

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I am a big fan of the Sega Saturn right?

But in 1998, because it was dying out, I decided I didn't want it anymore, and gave the system (and the many games I had for it) away. Before giving it away, I bought a Playstation to take the Saturn's place in my house. In 1999, I decided I wanted a Saturn again, so I bought another Saturn. However, I did not re-retrieve all of the games I had for the Saturn originally. Here is a list of the games I used to have, don't anymore, and want back:
Clockwork knight
Panzer Dragoon
World series Baseball
Manx TT superbike
Cyber speedway
Saturn Bomberman
 *artwork for Japan version not available, I'm not sure if the Saturn version even did get released in Japan*
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
Sega Worldwide soccer 97
*wasn't released in japan*
If you have any copies of these games to sell, I'd be more than willing to do business with you! I will pay a reasonable amount of cash for each game, and please be warned that counterfiet goods will not be accepted.
I will accept Japanese/US import versions, as well as European PAL versions
My e-mail address is